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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ms. Sparkle Sheer O'Magic Collection: The Toppers

Hi lovelies!

Yesterday I showed you part one of this magical collection: The Jellies. Today I will show you the amazing glass fleck flakie top coats! The difference between the jellies and the top coats, is that while the jellies provide amazing depth to the polish, the top coats give it an intense sparkle (when glossy) and completely change the appearance of the base colour! Now caution, reader, for this awesomeness will cause intense drooling. So grab a bucket.

This is "Enchanting", a glass fleck flakie  top coat that shifts from blue to purple. I layered two coats over a blackened red jellie from Gosh and applied top coat. Application was incredibly easy, as this polish is just packed with flakies!

 And of course, the matte variant; isn't it just dreamy? The nail decoration is from BPS.

Let's continue with "Mystic"

 I layered this over a teal polish from Rimmel, called "Out of the Blue". The green flecks shift to purple and give it an oceanic appearance. So dreamy! Again, two coats with top coat and no application issues whatsoever! The starry nail decoration is from Ebay.

 Now... MATTE!

And last, but certainly not least: "Spellbound"

 I layered this pink-to-orange shifting beauty over the darkest navy I could find: Rimmel "Blue Vogue". I freaking adore this combo! The nail decoration is from ebay. This is two coats of prettiness:

 And when matte, it takes on an awesome grungy look. 

Isn't this collection THA BOMB?! 

I know, man! It will be available tomorrow. Stay tuned with Ms. Sparkle via IG and facebook!

Now help me out here, again, which version do you prefer? The glossy or the matte? And which do you find most beautiful of them all? (Including The Jellies) Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love these matted! Well, I love everything matted! These are super drool worthy!

  2. these toppers are mind-blowingly awesome.

  3. Oh wow, these are stunning! The manicure done with Mystic is my favorite!

  4. I love them matte as well! But then I could use my matte topcoat on everything, hahaha :D
    The 'normal' version is pretty nice as well though!

  5. I am so not into flakies but I know a lot of people who would die for these ones!

  6. Oh yes, the matte versions are droolworthy!

  7. The color combos that you chose were beyond perfection! Amazing swatches!

  8. These flakie toppers are jaw-dropping. I love them with the matte topcoat especially. So much love.

  9. I am in love with your macro shots in this post!

  10. I love sheer toppers!! These are lovely!!

  11. goddamn do I love flakies!! I am for sure drooling over these


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