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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Neverland Nail Vinyls pt. 4

Hello lovelies!

Got some more Neverland Nail Vinyls to show you today! She sent me so much! So sweet :) First up are the cloudy nail vinyls:

I gotta tell ya, they're a bit too big to achieve a classic cloud manicure (like I did here, aaaaages ago), but they are perfect to create a nice diagonal cloudy border!

I decided to go with a pink holo/black creme combo, because that is always a winner, lol! The pink holo is LynBDesigns "Nightmare Revisited" and the black creme is Sinful Colors "Black on Black". I first applied the pink and then a coat of SV to speed up the drying process. After it had sufficiently dried, I applied the vinyls and painted on the black. After that, I just took my dotting tool and dotted some dots ;)

I really like the way this came out!

Secondly, we have checkmark vinyls, which one can use to create a checkmark figure on ones nails, or use them to get a funky french. I went for the latter!

I used Ms. Sparkle "Cinderella lost her shoe at midnight" for the base and then applied the vinyls. Then I dabbed on some LynBDesigns "Gilding the Lily" and applied top coat. I traced the part that shows "Cinderella" with matte top coat and on my ring finger I applied this super duper cute tortoise charm that I found somewhere on Ebay! Ain't it the cutest?!

I like how sparkly this is and how cute the tortoise is. And I like the non-traditional french look, it's nice and different.

Neverland Nail Vinyls are available in here storenvy shop and don't hesitate to check out her social media, to stay tuned on upcoming sales and what not!

Which of these manicures do you prefer?


  1. Both of these designs are absolutely stunning! That tortoise is the cutest!

  2. These are amazing! I love that the vinyls made the cloud mani fool proof

  3. Both designs are lovely!! I think my fav is the cloud vinyl ones :)

  4. Both are beautiful but I love that charm!

  5. The first look you did was really pretty! I love the cute tortoise, too!

  6. So much gorgeousness!! That tortoise is just too cute. ^_^

  7. Ooh of the two the first is my favourite! The glittery pink is lovely and matches the darker shade in a lovely way ^^


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