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Friday, February 26, 2016

Friends on Friday - nail mail from friends

Hello lovelies!

Usually on Friends on Friday, I show my friend's nails, but this time I'll show you mine with polish I received from friends. I think that still qualifies for this particular blog entry! 

You might have noticed from the previous post that I have amazing friends; they go places and bring back nail polish for me and I love them for thinking of me! The two manis in this post were also done with polishes that I got from two wonderful friends over Christmas. They live in Germany and sent me some beautiful polishes and nail art items from a brand that is not available here in The Netherlands! I used two of the items for these manis.

For this manicure I used RdeL Young 24 "Indian Feeling", a beautiful duochrome that shifts from pink to orange.  I stamped it using BPS black stamping polish and BP-L015.

This is the base in all it's colour shifting glory!

And then I mattified it. But I think I like it better glossy.


The second mani I did was with the beautiful glitter. I created super glitter stripes with it by taping off the sides of my Aliquid Lacquer "Magpies at Midnight" manicure and sponging on the glitter.

So sparkly! I love it. Thank you, my wonderful friends, for always thinking of me <3

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  1. Ooh lucky girl! I love the first nail art most!

  2. Stamping over a duochrome gives such interesting results!

  3. Your second mani is just top notch! What a stunner!!

  4. I've fallen in love with your first mani <3 and I agree, I like it glossy too!
    I happen to go quite often to Germany, yet I've never seen this brand during my shopping trips. I definitely need search more carefully next time :D

    1. Thank you! :D
      Apparently they're available in a shop called Rossmann, that is, according to The Internet ;) xoxo

    2. Aww, thanks for the info! I was going to do some research to learn if I needed more nail polish -.- :D

  5. I love what you did with both of these. What a fun gift from a friend!

  6. Such kind friends who bring back polish for you because they know how much you love it! I LOVE that first design there and the shading of colours in the base.


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