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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ms. Sparkle "Dulcet" and "Elysian"

Hi lovelies!

I have more of Ms. Sparkle's Pretty Purist collection for you today! The past few days I've showed you Meraki and Ukiyo and now I'll show you the last two! First up is a bright orange jelly called "Dulcet":

Dulcet is filled with a scala of different glitters, like big neon pink hexes, holo gold stars, matte pink triangles, white circles, green, yellow and aqua hexes and purple shreds. It's a party in a bottle! It applies easily with minimal fishing in three coats. I topped it off with some NPB Glitter Food and Seche Vite.

The last one is Elysian:

Elysian is a green-teal crelly filled with yellow stars, white triangles and squares, blue hexes and blue holo big circles. To get those circles, some fishing is required, but they're worth it ;) This is three thin coats with glitter food and SV. Isn't it cool?

I love this collection A LOT. If you haven's seen Meraki and Ukiyo yet, go do so!

And of course don't hesitate to check out the other four in this collection in Ms. Sparkle's shop!

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  1. The basecolor of Elysian is just perfection!

  2. Ouuu these are so fun! I love the stars!! Just like everyone else, I like Elysian best too! ;)

  3. Elysian is my favorite because it's more my style.

  4. Oomph Elysian is so flipping cool looking! I don't normally care for bigger glitters but everything looks just right.


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