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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#RedCoatTuesday with exotic nail polishes

Hello lovelies!

Happy Red Coat Tuesday! Today I'm celebrating another episode of Pretty Little Liars with red manicures using exotic polishes. I've got one Chinese, two Columbian and two Mexican polishes, combined into two manicures. The Chinese is from BPS, but the Columbian and Mexican polishes I got from two lovely and amazing friends, who always buy me nail polish when they're abroad! Isn't that super cool and sweet?!

This is  a matte version of the first manicure, using two Columbian polishes - two unnamed polishes from Daniel's, a light and dark red shimmer - and a Mexican glitter polish from By Amour Cosmetics. I first applied two coats of the light red shimmer and then created a gradient at the tips with a sponge and the dark red shimmer. Then I applied two coats of the glitter polish, which consists of light blue and fuchsia micro glitter and medium sized blue hexes and the occasional little purple bar glitter. I sealed it in with SV which created a glossy version (see below) and then I mattified it with HEMA matte top coat as seen above.

The second mani I created using a base of BPS gray-to-white thermal polish (which I will fully review soon, like the ones in yesterday's post). I then applied two coats of the Mexican By Amour glitter topper which consists of black and red hexes and pearly white and silver little and micro glitter. I topped it off with SV.

Then I applied HEMA matte top coat again, to see what it's like matte! Now you may reckon that this mani isn't #RedCoatTuesday-appropriate, for the amount of red is less than the amount of gray, but really it's the only colour in the entire mani, so I think it counts!

Which of these is your favourite? And glossy or matte? Oh and be sure to check out my fellow #RCTer's creations in the links below!

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  1. These are all gorgeous! Totally jealous you have friends that travel abroad and bring you back nail polish!

  2. I am loving that red and blue pairing. Absolutely stunning!

  3. That first look matte is giving me some serious nail envy!

  4. So pretty!! I love the gray-white thermal effect with those glitters. ^_^

  5. How incredibly stunning! I love the red and blue mani!

  6. I actually think the 2nd one is a perfect red coat mani! the color scheme just works, ya know! Also I prefer both versions matte haha seems like I need to get my matte nail fix!


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