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Monday, February 1, 2016

Ms. Sparkle February Duo

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for having been MIA for a week, work was insane, fun, but insane! I hardly had time to sleep, not to mention the ridiculous amount of dishes that is still waiting for me in the kitchen. But yesterday I had some time to swatch, so I did, despite the crappy weather which made photographing kinda hard.

Last month I showed you Ms. Sparkle's fabulous January Duo and since February will start in mere hours, let's give it up for the February Birthstone/Star Sign Duo: Amethyst and Aquarius!

This beauty is Amethyst, a gorgeous purple jelly filled with blue iridescent microglitter. IRL, this is less blue and way more red-leaning purple, but my camera is iffy with these colours. This luscious beauty applies like a dream and is opaque in three coats! To achieve the shine, I recommend one thin coat of glossy top coat. I absolutely adore the depth of this polish, it is so pretty!

Now for Aquarius...

This is Aquarius, an turquoise shimmer with blue glass flecks and a beautiful gold shimmer, which, IRL, is way more noticable! My camera was again being annoying, but really, it was the weather's fault. This is almost a one-coater; on short nails one coat would suffice. I applied two thing coats and glossy top coat. I love the brightness of the colour and the gold shimmer in this one!

I decided to do some sea inspired nail art:

I stamped with Born Pretty gold stamping polish and BP-23 and I added some ocean studs!

I also tried to do a mani with both Amethyst and Aquarius, but I majorly bleeped it up, so I can only show you one nail:

I love it! I must try it again, because this combo is heavenly! The duo will become available tomorrow! I encourage you to visit Ms. Sparkle's shop and social media! Ms. Sparkle is 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan and currently she has 104 items in her etsy, so feast your eyes!

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  1. I really love Amethyst, it looks like what they tried to do with the new version of Essie SSN just a million times better lol.

  2. Oh my, Amethyst is is so pretty! I love the two polishes paired together too!

  3. Oh my goodness those are so pretty!! I love the stamping with the purple flowers. ^_^

  4. I remember seeing these on instagram! Such beautiful colours here. I love that blue especially <3 For some reason looking at it makes me think of the Little Mermaid!

  5. Even though I'm not a fan of glitters at all, Amethyst is really calling my name!

  6. Amethyst slays! Such a gorgeous squishy :)


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