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Saturday, February 25, 2017

My Indie Polish "Pride" and "Mars Diner"

These items were sent to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
Hello lovelies!

So of course I fell ill again, because I had been healthy for almost two weeks and clearly that is absolutely absurd and must be undone immediately (or so it seems). Therefore, since I have fallen behind on blogging, I will merge two posts into one and present the last two pretties I have from My Indie Polish's "Hello Toronto" spring collection!

In Canada, even the prime minister celebrates  diversity, equality and love during Pride. Well that deserves a polish for sure! So a colourful mixture of neon glitters is mixed beautifully into this white crelly. And yes,  some floral glitter, because why the heck not?! It is opaque in two coats and applies easily. It is quite hungry, so NPB Glitter Food was required to smooth things over. All is finished with a glossy top coat!

The last beauty is "Mars Diner", which according to Tanya is actually called Mars Food....but we always called it mars diner. The best 3 am after club food, sandwiches to die for and eggs benny ALL day! Need I say more?

This is another textured glitter! Whoohoo! I love those. And I swear it's even more beautiful and sparkly IRL; when the littlest of light hits it, it sparkles like mad! It's opaque in only two thin coats and it applies really easily. One could also smooth it out with some glitter food and glossy top coat, but I prefer it textured. It feels so good!

Of course stamping had to  be done:

I stamped with one of BPS's newest stamping plates, BPX-L20 and BPS black stamping polish.  I smoothed it out with top coat for the stamping.

And of course, "Pride" needed some loving too:

Literally, so I stamped with BPX-L014 and one of BPS's new stamping polishes, Watermelon Red, bright neon which stamps perfectly!

And that concludes this week's swatchathon. I have learned a lot about Toronto in the process and I have now put it on the list of places to visit! Now go to My Indie Polish's shop and go nuts, you won't regret it!


  1. Those neon glitters look really cool!

  2. The art looks you created are beyond amazing! That cheerful crelly makes such a great base for bright stamping.

  3. This whole collection is fabulous. Pride just brings me so much joy though. Great manicures!

  4. That glitter crelly is all that and a bag of chips! I need it for sure!!

  5. I wasnt sure about that glitter jelly, until you stamped it.


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