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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Black - Metal

Hello lovelies!

So we're doing BLACK for this month's Digit-al Dozen! So a few things come to mind. Like black metal. So I did black metal! But I turned it into a literal interpretation of black and metal (because I felt like it) and this came out:

I started with painting about half of my nails with OPI "Push and Shove" and then freehanded some lines above that. Then I freehanded the wedges, because I was afraid that tape would ruin the metal... Then the sun had gone down, so I decided to take pics with flash...

What do you think?

And don't hesitate to check out the other ladies' black manis!


  1. I really like it - those little negative space triangles are perfect :)

  2. These are so freaking cool!!! It's so perfect to me! Oh man, if we lived closer I'd have you doing my nails when I was in the mood for art. haha

  3. This mani just screams 'metal' to me. Perfect!

  4. I love this look - classy and amazing with the metallic pop!

  5. this has such an edgy vibe to it! I love it!

  6. These look awesome!! I love the contrast between the metal and black!


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