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Friday, February 10, 2017

Vondelpark Roses

Hello lovelies!

So if you're not wanting that whole pink Valentine's Day manicure with hearts and stuff, but you still want to wear something romantic, you can do this:

I just got this polish from HEMA and it's called "Vondelpark Green" and I am pretty sure that I had nothing like this shade, so score! Also, it's named after the most famous park of Amsterdam, so that's fun! And another thing... it's a one-coater, so you could say that this is a pretty good buy, I even got discount, so it's worth it!

I stamped it it Ya Qin An no. 13 from BPS and BPX-L014 (yes, the same Vday plate!) and sealed it in with SV. Easy peasy!

What do you think of this look? And the colour combo? I'm really loving it, lol, I can't get enough of tone-on-tone...


  1. I love your colour combo! That's a very pretty mani!

  2. This is gorgeous. So perfect! I seriously need that plate!

  3. Love that you used non-traditional colors for this VDay mani!

  4. Both of these colors are so pretty! Definitely never heard of these brands but I feel like I need to look into them. Your stamping is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! <3 The Ya Qin An you can get easily, but the Hema... it's a Dutch department store, that can nowadays also be found in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, but that's about it, I think...

  5. I really like this, it's simple but I think that just makes it better! I'm all for non-traditional VDay looks :)

  6. I've been to Vondelpark before! It was a pretty nice open space to wander around in summer. It was quite busy, but my friends and I had ourselves a little picnic.


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