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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Digit-al Dozen does Black - Out

Hello lovelies!

Alright, how to combine Valentine's Day with this week's Black theme, while still maintaining my title mojo of "Things that are black or have 'black' in their name/expression". This was tricky business, but I figured it out... When does the amount of babies born suddenly increase? Precisely! 9 months after a power outage! Blackout! Sudden darkness seems to ignite some sweet, sweet lovin' ;)

Therefore I stamped some sparkling hearts over two coats of Rimmel London "Black Out". The stunning holo stamping polish is "Berry Best Friends" by M Polish, which thankfully I managed to snatch up before she closed shop. Thank goodness for that! Isn't it wonderful?! I used the same plate that I used last week for my Vday manis - BPX-L014 (see here and here). I sealed it in with SV.

Look at the splendor!!!

And of course, this is where my mind always goes, when someone says 'blackout', so I thought I'd share ;)

Are you a friends fan as well? And are you celebrating Valentine's Day today? 

Check out my co-DD-divas' manis below!


  1. i LOVE the holo stamping!! I seriously need to invest in some opaque holo stamping polish! Sad I wasn't able to grab any of that brand before they closed :(

  2. Such a gorgeous stamping polish! I missed out on it, but have To Have and To Holo and it's amazing. Great look!

  3. These are awesome. You've reminded me I really need to do more holo stamping, it looks SO GOOD!

  4. Your introduction for this post has me cracking up haha! The nail art is beautiful too!

  5. Hahaha! I'm loving your interpretations of this theme!
    Also, your stamping is perfection!

  6. Ugh...I want that stamping polish!

  7. The holo stamping looks incredible over the black! Wow!

  8. That M Polish stamps wonderfully over black! I thought you had a holo base and stamped black over it!

  9. This is perfect! Reminds me of the pictures I would do as a kid where you color on a paper then go over it with a black crayon then etch a picture through the black.


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