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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friends on Friday: Two different gradients

Hello Ladies!

Time for some friends' nails :) One of my friends gave me a small collection of Columbian nail polish, of the brand Vogue. I have yet to do swatches, but I already used them in some nail art on The Lieutenant's nails. My friend gave me 4 of the most vibrant neon colours ever and I fell in love with them instantly. I had a design in mind for a while, but I didn't have the appropriate nail polish, and while I was almost about to break my no-buy policy, she showed up and gave me what I needed! <3 Here goes:

I first applied a white base of Etos Long Lasting, and then sponged the Vogue colours: First neon yellow (Cítrico), then green (Limón Néon), then orange-ish red (Mango Néon) and then some neon purple (Violeta Néon). Then I applied two coats of  l'Oreal Confetti on top, to give it an extra summer party boost ;)

The second gradient was entirely made up by another friend. She picked out all the colours and told me to do something with it. This is it!

I first applied a sheer yellow shimmer from Hema. Then I sponged on some Hema no. 19 and some Essence "Purplicious". All yellow goodness with a hint of purple in the glitter, perfect!

Until later,

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