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Monday, May 20, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: George Blueney & Hugo Moss, feverishly gold.. (Catrice & Essence)

Hey lovelies!

Today we have George and Hugo, suffering from gold fever. George Blueney had already a spot in the previous collection, but the continued this gorgeous blue in their new collection. Hugo Moss is new, and as was George, irresistible already because of its name ;) It is a deep dark green creme, that reminds me of a deep dark forest.

Have a look at George:

With flash:


George is sleek, cool and grey, with a mysterious shimmer that makes him (oops! I mean 'it') irresistible.  Gorgeous! Application is fantastic, 2 easy coats and done. Next up is Hugo, so here we go:

Look at him shine.. Deep green cream polish goodness. However, two coats is not quite enough, which was a disappointment. As you can see, there's still some vnl on the pinky. But it doesn't bother me much. I used this polish as my base for the feather nail decal and it looked majestic. I loved it. It does however stain a lot on the skin, so use a basecoat (I suspect it will also stain the nail a lot) and lacquer neatly (look at my index finger, I tried cleaning it up, but it would just not go!). I think this polish is amazing for fall and winter, but also whenever you need something classy that is other than red or pink.

Now for some nail art, I chose Essence "Gold Fever":

It is an awesome gold glitter polish, with gold and red microglitter, small gold glitter and bigger silver glitters, that really makes it special. First let's see some feverish Hugo Moss:

Sparkle sparkle in the sunlight! (This is my right hand, so a little less neat ;) ). 

Now cool George could use some warming up, so I built up a gradient (which is ridiculously easy with this polish, just put some on your sponge and sponge upwards from the tip to the base, to get this effect with only one go!):


With Flash:

With matte topcoat:

I adored this mani. It is true George Blueney Glitter and Glamour. What do you prefer, shiny or matte?



  1. Really love the gold over George... love George himself too :p

    1. :D Yes George is a hottie.. and even hotter with the gold! ;)

      Thanks :)


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