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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Essence Studio Nails Extra Moisturizing Nail Balm

Hello there! 

Today I have for you a very nice and cheap way to moisturize your nails: Essence Studio Nails Extra Moisturizing Nail Balm. Here it retails for 2 euros. It might seem like a tiny little tube of product, but since you only need very small amounts per treatment, it will last very long.

The balm contains Pro-Vitamine B5 and has a nice scent. It is very nourishing for both the nails and the cuticles. Apply tiny amounts on the nail and rub it in. Add some extra to the cuticles. It's absorbed within a few minutes (if there is some residue, just rub some more and it will be absorbed) and leaves the nails nice and healthy looking:

See how ugly my nails are? But repeatedly treating them with this does make them stronger and more flexible (so less prone to ripping and tearing). I've been using this (and these other nail products) for a couple of months and it really does make a difference!


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