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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Hundredth Post - Celebrating with Preenification Nail Art Water Slide Decals review :) [very pic heavy]

Hello lovelies and welcome for our one hundredth blog post!

We hereby present you Preenification's Nail Art Water Slide Decals!

A while ago, Preenification posted on instagram that she was looking for nail bloggers to try out her nail decals, so I did not have to think twice! Yes please, pretty pretty! So she sent me 5 sets to try out:

Exciting! So I started thinking up designs. The decals come with instructions and are really easy to use. You cut them out, soak them in water for half a minute and lift them carefully off the paper. I used a pair of tweezers to do that and place them on the nails. Make sure your base of nail polish is completely dry before placing on the decals. Then seal them with a layer of top coat. Here goes!

 Catrice "Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K" with Essence "Alpha Better Gamma" and Etos white sponged on.

Although soooo pretty, The decals didn't pop because I used white as the base. I tried again over a dark base, so that you can really see the decals in all their beauty :) This is Essence "Prom-berry" with "Cool Breeze" (swatches here):

 This is Rimmel "Sky High" with dotticure in various colours.

Or, just the decals:

SY - 189
A ruffian with Essence "Prom-berry" and "Hello Marshmallow!"

Catrice "Hugo Moss" 

 Our frankened polish "Pocahontas", Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K and 
Essence "Upper Green Side"

The beauty of the decals w.r.t. stickers is that they are so thin, they blend into the design as if painted on. It is beautiful. A nice and quick way to prettify your nails! The best way for these decals to pop is to think about the background colour; when too similar, the decals will fade into the background colour. This almost happened in my first design..

I had so much fun with these! They are specifically designed for nails, each decal will fit perfectly while enhancing the shape and length of you nail. PERFECT!

You can buy them here (the ones I reviewed will be up soon). 
This is her instagram page for more pretty pictures and she is setting up a Youtube channel and a website up too! She ships worldwide (while based in the UK) and since the decals are really lightweight, it won't cost much :) With one set of decals, you can decorate 20 nails. They're 2 pounds, or 2.50 euros or 3 USD! Cheap and easy DIY nail art :)

I had a great time with these and I hope to review more in the future! 



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