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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ten Tuxedos

Hey lovelies!

Just got back from a wedding. It was marvellous. The bride was gorgeous and the groom very handsome. He is my cousin. It was a great party and I'm typing this with one eye already shut (litereally). 

So in short. One of my sisters was wearing black and white, so I decided to do a tuxedo mani (which had been on my to-do list forever:

I used Etos long lasting white, a black striper from Janet for the contours, Essence "Ticket to the Show" to fill in the tuxedo and for the bow tie I used Essence striper "Mysterious Black". For the button, I used a bobby pin (I was being stupid and couldn't find my dotting tool) and Ticket to the Show, again. 

I really love it. It is how Zooey Deschanel had her nails a long while back.

Ok that's it, ladies, my other eye is falling down too!

Lots of xo's, 

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