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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lava Flow Swatches and Nail Art

Hi dear followers!

Today I want to show you this beautiful polish I picked up the other day, W7 "Lava Flow". It is, like "Salt 'n Pepper", a white jelly with glitters, but this time, not only black, but also red ones! Small black and red hexes and some larger red hexes as well. Here it is:

Lava Flow in direct artificial light



Then, I decided to mattify it with HEMA matte top coat. It's even better then! Look:

Matte, artificial light

LOVE IT! All of a sudden, it looks so much smoother! Of course, after that, some nail art needed to be done, so I took out my striper and freehanded this:

Left: Artificial light. Right, Daylight

Let's call it Lava Flow Deco. I love how the glitters look when mattified, and home the glossy black accents spice it up! It looks very sophisticated, all of a sudden :)

What do you think?


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