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Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Essence Glitter Topper swatches

Hey hey!

So, Essence nail polish was on a discount at my local drugstore, so I picked up some glitters! I'd like to show yo two of them, and also my favourite Blue polish, that my second cousin gave me as a present :) Let's start with the blue:

This is Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours nr. 320. It's a fast-drying bright blue polish, with a broad rounded brush, that applies easily and only needs 2 thin coats for full opacity. 
Next there is the first Glitter: 
This is Essence "Glorious Aquarius", a sparkly blue glitter topper. It's not densely packed with glitters, but it's nice. There are blue and silver hexes and blue mini hexes in there. Application is somewhat difficult, because of the low density.

And here we have "Glitter on Me", densely packed this time, with silver holo micro glitters, and multicoloured stripes. Like a disco ball in a bottle! Application went smoothly, I'm very pleased with this one. I applied it over Glorious Aquarius, which are the blue hexes you see here and there.

Then I applied a milky white polish from HEMA, from their "wet look" series. This is the effect:
Artificial Light

Artificial Light

Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight

Likey likey! It's like a party! Suddenly one can see the hexes from Glorious Aquarius again, and combined with the multicoloured stripes, it's really nice! The blue isn't as bright anymore, it has been muted to a nice spring colour. But I still like it a lot. So is this what they call a sandwich?

So what do you think of this experiment?

I underwent a heavy case of tipwear, so I added a geometrical tip to the design, with Catrice "Pinky and the Brain" and a brush of which I clipped off most of the hairs:

I kinda liked it :)


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