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Monday, March 4, 2013

Party in Helsingborg

Hey beauties! 

I couldn't walk around for long with just one colour on my nails, haha, so I decided, if it's hot pink in Helsingborg, it's the place to be for a party, right? So what would that look like? So I did a simple dotticure to make the mani even more happy! The result:

Artificial light

Artificial light
Direct Sunlight

I used:
White - from Etos Long Lasting Polish
Dark Blue - From Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours 328
Red - Essence "Kiss on top of the Rock"
Yellow - Essence "Little Miss Sunrise"
Light Turquoise - Rimmel "Peppermint"
... and of course my sweet sweet dotting tool. 

Everytime I look down at my nails, I get this happy summer feeling! Whoohoooo, I can't wait for summer to arrive!
How about you guys?


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