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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My first Stained Glass!

Happy Tuesday!

I entered my first Stained Glass mani ever into a contest of Tip Top Nails SA, as part of a 12-week during contest, in which you have to submit a new mani every week. The first task was to create a stained glass or mosaic effect, using only red, pink, purple, brown and nude shades. I wanted also to create a pattern, but that is easier said than done! In the end I was semi-pleased, as I hope I will eventually be able to do this a lot more neat. And since acrylic paint was forbidden, it was hard ;)

I used Essence "Iced Latte" as the base, and then drew on the frames with my black striper from Etos. Then I added the colours. Red is Essence "Fame Fatal" and the violet-red is "Berry Me" form Gosh. 

Do you like it or do you think it's too messy? 


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