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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ManiMania in Paris Part 2

Happy first day of the long Easter weekend!

Today I want to show you the nails I did for my Parisian friend <3
We did these at night, so we had time (although we had to wake up very early the next morning). This was not the first time I did her nails, and she is an excellent hand model. Her nails are fantastic: they are straight and big (but not too big, just big enough, if ya know what I mean ;) ). Her skin colour permits the most flashy colours and today I chose red (2 coats of Essence "Kiss on top of a rock"):

"Moulin Rouge"

As you can see, I wanted to marble, so I did that with black (from Max) (mind you, I only had about 10 bottles with me, so there was not much choice). At one side of the nail, I made a gold line (with Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours). Then I took out my dotting tool (since I didn't have my actual one with me, I used a bobby pin and a toothpick) and created the gold and black lace motif. Then I added topcoat and prayed for it all not to smudge while sleeping. It worked! <3

(Update: One of our facebook followers has been so wonderful as to assign a name to the mani, she's brilliant: Moulin Rouge. Thank you <3)

I miss her dearly now. We had such a good time together in Paris! Thank you my sweetie!


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