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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Part of Your World - Painting it Blue for Autism Awareness

Hi dears!

Yesterday was autism awareness day, and I believe this whole month is autism awareness month, so blue is the colour to choose in order to support that! We all know someone with autism and see them struggle sometimes, so it is important to sometimes stop to think about that and imagine how it would be to be in their shoes. 

Today's mani is therefore blue, incorporating a new technique (and by new, we mean new to US ;) ):

The mani reminded us of the Ocean, which in turn made us think of The Little Mermaid, and therefore this mani is named "Part of Your World", which we thought was very befitting. 
The base colour for this mani is a HEMA polish, nr. 10, a funky bright blue. Then we took out a fan brush and brushed on some Rimmel "Peppermint", HEMA nr. 23 and a tiny bit of Essence "City that Never Sleeps". 

Tomorrow another blue mani!

Lieutenant & Captain

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