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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Save The Nail!

Hey beauties!

Today I tore 2 nails... Even though yesterday morning I woke up with a perfect mani, a lot of cleaning made my polish pop off and by the end of the evening only 3 nails were undamaged. I did not have time to stop cleaning, nor to nourish my nails with oil, nor to quickly give them some new polish. This morning I had to hurry to the office and by the time I got there, my nails looked awful and two of them were torn. Luckily I had grabbed some nail polish on my way to the office, but what to do about the torn nails? I had read someone saying something about scotch tape, so I tried it, and it seems to be working! Look:

Now I took tiny pieces of tape and placed it over the tear, folding it around my nail, two pieces per nail. Then I filed away some of the parts that were particularly out of bounds ... Then I applied a basecoat (on top of, and under the nail) and 3 coats of polish (I will review this particular colour tomorrow), finishing off with some top coat (which I will also review tomorrow).
This is the result:

I found it needed a fourth layer of nail polish, so I did and this is the result, as seen from a little further away:

That's not half bad, now is it? I will go to the  drugstore later and try to find a better, and hopefully more permanent solution.. This probably won't hold for long.. But right now I don't feel afraid for it tearing further, so that is good!

Do you have any better solutions for me?


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