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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Toads 'n Glitter

Hey beauties!

So the other day me and my friend came across a toad, that wanted to cross the road. There was a lot of traffic, and my conscience finally beat my fear and I picked it up and put it down near a pond on the other side! Now this may seem like nothing, but I had never dared to pick up a toad before, so it felt like victory! And I no longer had to worry about the little animal, that was nice too :) No you go and procreate my dear toad!

The mani I was wearing that night, was a glittery one:

 Don't worry sweet toad, I will save youuuu!!!

It's Rimmel "Black Out" with a reverse glitter gradient with Essence "Bella", of the Nail Art Twins Reloaded collection. Bella is a beautiful holographic hexagonal glitter in two sizes, with big royal blue squared glitters interdispersed. The blue squares is what makes it different, and it gives it a really nice kick.

I wish I had better pictures, but I should swatch it soon again, over different colours ;) You might be interested, since this reloaded collection is new in stores since March.


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