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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: Catrice "Vanilla Love" from the LE "Candy Shock" and "Quick Dry & High Shine" top coat

Hello dearies!

Today I will show you a swatch and review of one of the new Limited Edition "Candy Shock" polishes "Vanilla Love", by Catrice. Also, I will review their Quick Dry & High Shine top coat. Will it really reduce dry time for my nail polish?

Let's start with the Vanilla Love. I really had a hard time not buying the whole Candy Shock collection,    not only the nail polish. I ended (well up until now) up buying 2 polishes, the caviar (some of my fellow (and more renowned) bloggers don't have them yet! I was sorta proud, although I know I was just lucky) and one lip stick. If I had more money, I would totally buy more. The colours are so springy!

Vanilla Love is a cream pastel yellow, with a subtle shimmer. With all the disappointed bloggers w.r.t. Catrice's new nail polish, I was a bit scared, but my polish love won. The bottle is so pretty, and so is the colour. This polish has a glossy finish. It needed at least 3 coats and even then it doesn't overcome its streakiness. The colour is fantastic though, it makes my hands look super tan and the shimmer is lovely! It bubbles a bit though. That is really unfortunate. Ok see for yourself:

Of course, a touch of nail art could not be left out:

I used tape, NYC "Lavender Cupcake" and a white striper for this.

I topped it all off with Catrice's "Quick Dry & High Shine" top coat. I was curious if it would work and YES it does! It drastically reduces dry time and it is my best top coat so far. Application is very nice, it's so liquid and it evens out immediately. Now I don't have experience with Seche Vite, nor with INM Out the Door (one can only buy that online in my country and I don't want to start, there would be no ending but the end of my funds..), but I would say this comes close! So I'm super happy! It's only 2.99 euros, so pretty cheap, for 10 ml.

To wrap it up: even though application isn't fab with Vanilla Love, the colour is so nice that I still like it. The Quick Dry & High Shine top coat is fantastic. Next week I'll show you my other Candy Shock nail polish and some of the caviar :) 


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