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Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Girl It Up!

You never know how, but sometimes,

you know, just for some awkward reason,

of course you don't see it coming, 

which makes it that much more difficult. but

you'll find yourself in the weirdest situations where.....

you wear guy's clothes.
Yeah, I know it can be tough, but don't shame it, FRAME IT!!
Went for the recently in-fashion bat-winged sweater look, using the oversized plain guy-sweater + neutral coloured belt (please ignore the golden office shoes). It can present a comfy looking "hug-able" look, with the belt to accentuate that you actually have a waist ;) Make sure to roll up the sleeves as well, as they will provide contrast to the relatively thinner forearms which can enhance the "little girl in a comfy sweater" image.

And hey, we know what you're thinking, so we will add:
Just make sure its a loose fit :D

This outfit (or something similar) can be useful if you have anywhere from slightly filled to thin neckline, as the thick turtle neck will prettify your neckline (the wider the turtle neck, the better). Also the combination of the bat-wing sleeves and a belt at the center can really emphasize a waist, even if you normally wouldn't think of showing it ;) Also nice if you feel self concious about your thighs, as I can often be :P

Love how it all fits together ;) What would you say about the condiments to make it a whole outfit?

Well, of course it can be managed with dark shoes, OR if you have shouting coloured shoes like me, sandwich the outfit with a long necklace with a somewhat big/eye-catching pendant that is of matching colour of your shoes.
The "pendant" btw is the part that dangles at the bottom of your chain, the eye-candy of the whole necklace, if you know what I mean ;)

Oh, and for best results, keep your neckline enhanced by tying your hair up if its long :x

This stuff works right? Try it out, and be surprised :) 
Not to mention, it IS quite comfy...

Until next time ;)
xoxoxo Lieutenant & Captain

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