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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Max Factor "Fantasy Fire"

 A number of weeks ago, I saw swatches of this beautiful polish of Max Factor, called "Fantasy Fire". It is a dupe of the discontinued Clarins 230, which goes for exorbitant prices on eBay these days. No way I could afford that! And I didn't even allow myself to buy the Max Factor one, since I had been spending too much on np already. So when a good friend of mine decided to give me a nail polish of choice, a thanks for a really fun girls' night out, I immediately knew which one! Thanks Gellybean! <3

So without further ado I give you:

We all need some fantasy fire in such snowy times!
And I swatched it just now. It helps, right now the rain is washing away the snow ;) 
After one coat on my thumb, I realised that it is meant to be layered, and I decided to layer it over Catrice "Heavy Metallilac":

This is 2 coats of Fantasy Fire over 1 coat of Heavy Metallilac, shown in daylight. 
The polish gives the purple a nice reddish glow and a blueish shadow. Really really pretty! Too bad there is no direct sunlight today, I wonder what that would do to this np, probably something spectacular! In the shadow, the warm red glow is even more prominent. B-E-A-UTIFUL! Difficult to capture, but you can get a slight idea by looking at this picture taken in artificial light:

Look at the sparkles!!!
However, it seems like this combi was a rather safe choice. I'm really curious what this would look like over dark blue, black and red! I will certainly try that out SOON ;)
First, me and my Lieutenant need to figure out what nail art to do with this lovely base colour. I'm thinking a skittle of some kind...
Any suggestions?

Added some glitter gradient on the nail beds with Etos Glitter Nails, and Rimmel "Diamond Dust".

Just love how the extra glitter compliments the sparkle of Fantasy Fire!

Captain Lothwen

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