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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Queen of Green, is all I can Blue

Hi there!

Two good friends lent their hands. And this is what happened:

Green Fanta

Yes, green fanta is what it reminded her of! This lovely lady is a sucker for green, so we went all out with this dotticure. She was content with the result. All the bubbly green delight was able to wipe all exam stress off her mind :)
The colours we used were Catrice "ACid-DC" and "King of Greens" (the lightest and darkest respectively), Etos nr. 115 and NYC "High Line Green". 

 It's all I can Blue

A more quiet design, but no less lovely! This good friend got a blue cloud mani, as described here on Nailside (which is a truly lovely web page! Very inspiring... Go check it out!).
The colours are (from light to dark): Essence "Absolutely Blue", "I'm Bluetiful" and "The Boy Next Door".

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for our next manis!

Lieutenant & Captain

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