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Monday, January 21, 2013

Pre-Valentine mani

Since eeeeveryone in mani world is doing Valentine's Day nails, we decided we should do that too, albeit a less conventional one. After all, it would be done on Lieutenant's nails, and she is used to having her nails POP.
So this is what we came up with:

I did a saran wrap mani using Bourjois "Lavande Esquisse" as a base and layering Rimmel "Sky High". Then I added some hearts to have some accent nails, with Essence "Little Miss Sunrise". 
I might add, what she did with the saran wrap was, crinkle it up and dab it on the freshly applied "Sky High" (the blueish one you see here) and let it dry a bit. Note the lovely print it leaves... reminds me of the Ising Model snapshots from the 90's, if you know what I mean.... Hahaha your mind is consumed by your upcoming exam, I see ;) But indeed, it really does resemble those Ising Models perfectly ^^

And there you have it! Not your run of the mill Valentine's Day mani, but still sweet and colourful. Goes with any color combo really, so go on and experiment!

xoxoxo Lieutenant and Captain

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