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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pocahontas' Birthday

Here is the first mani color Captain has ever made! And it’s what got me motivated to start up this blog for real, so here goes.

I give you....

“Pocahontas Birthday”
(one pic taken indoors, and one out <3 )

The brown shimmer base color is "Pocahontas", a polish that Captain frankened when she was bored.

It’s a nice shimmery dark brown, with color shifting flakies and glitter that change shades depending on the light’s angle. It got this name because, well, we figure if Pocahontas were to have nailpolish, thats the color she would use.

It was made with a black base, which was getting kind of old and thus turning thick and wouldn’t paint nicely anymore :( But then we added some dashes of reddish polish, brown metallic glitter, gold glitter, transparent flakeys and other various glitters, until we got the shade we wanted ;)

For this mani, I topped the tips with Essence "Time for Romance", which I thought would look nice and add a more 3D feel to the look. So there you go, all of a sudden, it's "Pocahontas' Birthday"!

See?? You can make your own dream colors, or revive ones that were growing stale or dry, very easily. And we really wanted to share stuff like that with you guys ;) And this blog was just the right opportunity :)

Thanks for reading <3xoxoxo Captain & Lieutenant

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