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Monday, April 1, 2013

Feeling Flowery


A new month is here and I want to start it off springish, since the weather still thinks it's winter over here :S At least the sun is out today, so it looks happy outside. Good for this second day of Easter ;)

I used Maybelline Express Finish "Sweet Rose" as my base. I just bought it on sale and I don't see why it's called rose, nor does it look anything like it does in the bottle. Even though I got it half off, it was still hugely overpriced. This is 3 coats over a ridgefilling basecoat and it did not dry withing 40 seconds per coat whatsoever. The most annoying thing however, was that it bubbled immensely, so that is not pretty. 

Oh well.. The  flowers were done using Essence "Shopping trip in Soho" and "I love bad boys", and NYC "Lexington Yellow". The green is Essence "Upper Green Side", which I should swatch for you guys one of these days, it's really quite pretty! :D
The white is from my striper, but added with my dotting tool of course. The gold is from Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours.

All in all my nails look happy, but I am very disappointed by the Maybelline polish. 

I wish you all a nice day!



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