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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: HEMA Glitter nail polish (part 1)

Hello beauties!

This might be especially interesting for those of you who live in The Netherlands, Belgium, France or Germany. I will review and swatch 2 of the new nail polishes of HEMA, glitter nail polishes called (first time ever they have names (albeit not such exciting names) instead of just a number!) "Glitter Pink" and "Glitter Fuchsia". HEMA has a whole range of new nail polishes, including holos, duochromes and pastels, and a huge amount of fast drying polishes in flashy colours. But first, the glitter:

Let's start with Glitter Fuchsia:

This is two coats over one coat of NYC "Fashion Ave Fuchsia", adding the base to ensure opacity, although I'm not sure it really needed it. Then I added some topcoat and could NOT stop staring at the beautiful sparkles... <3 It's a deep fuchsia jelly with tons of silver glitter. Application is very easy, no dabbing needed. 

But as with all nail polish, I must try some nail art. I did a simple cloud mani with two other Hema polishes, namely no. 22 for the green and a black one. But first I used a matte top coat, also from HEMA, to mattify the glitter... WOW! Look at it!

I adored this mani, but, as with all manis, it left me after 2 days (that is because I do dishes and clean stuff, but have not found gloves yet that fit my tiny hands). But no worries, I had another glitter bomb! This is Glitter Pink in direct sunlight:

Sparkle sparkle sparkle! This is two coats over Bourjois "Rose Cupcake". The polish consists of a light pink jelly with silver and pink iridescent big glitters and silver micro glitter. Application is good, sometimes it needs some dabbing but that is not a problem. The different glitters are even better visible in daylight (so out of direct sunlight):

Again, some nail art, with Hema no. 12. and a silver striper from Essence. I taped off all parts but where the blue is and hence created a v-gap and then added the silver.

So that's it! I can't wait to acquire the other new HEMA polishes, so if money permits, you'll be seeing more of them :)



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