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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Swatch-It Sunday: "Play It Blue" & "Cotton Candy" from the Catrice Candy Shock Edition

Hey lovelies!

Today we have more from Catrice's Candy Shock Limited Edition: "Play It Blue", a matte very light baby blue creme; and "Cotton Candy", pearly white caviar beads. LOVELY!

Play It Blue applies easily, although coverage is, like Vanilla Love, is not optimal, so three coats are a must. However, since it has a matte finish, it dries very fast, so it's no problem. Here is three coats over a base coat:



I adore it! It's really eye-catching and it makes my skin look super tan (even though I haven't seen sun in ages!).

Now for the caviar, I came up with a design that incorporates all colours from Candy Shock (colours, not polishes). This was done more than a week later, after the nail break incident and after I cut all my nails because I was sick of it:

I used Play It Blue as my base, and sponged on lilac (Essence "Hello Marshmellow!"), pastel orange (Catrice "Salmon & Garfunkel") and pastel yellow (Catrice "Vanilla Love"). Unfortunately it bubbled like mad, but from afar it looks really sweet. 
For the accent nail, I first placed the *blingbling* on my nail. Then I put some gooey top coat on the rest of the nail and poured the caviar on it. I pressed it lightly and removed the excess beads with a toothpick. Then, when that had dried, I put on some of the Essence Quick Dry top coat, to seal it all in. 

So what do you think? I loooove the caviar, it's pearly and different and pretty <3 Perfect for future nail art!



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