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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Catrice "Bring Me Peach" Lip Balm Stick from the LE "Candy Shock"

Hey hey!

Today a short post, but I want to get it out soon, because it's about one of the limited edition products of Catrice. Catrice put two lip balm sticks in their LE "Candy Shock", "Bring Me Peach" and "Sugar Shock". They describe them as caring with a whiff of colour. 

I picked up "Bring Me Peach". "Sugar Shock" is a very light pink, so I already kinda knew it was not gonna look good on me. But I had to try out one of them, I mean, look at it! So interesting! (Well done, marketing wise :P)

Ok so how does it look? First: Daylight:

Not impressed. It doesn't even out and it makes my lips look, uhm, dead. (It's creapy!) I think this would look a lot beter on someone with a different complexion. It's just not for me. But how is it in artificial light? 

Not bad. Sort of a golden glow, that is much better. It's very subtle, but not unflattering. 

So I will only wear this at night ;) It is nice, and it is smooth, and it smells nice :) It takes care of my lips and I can feel that. So overall, even though the colour might not be for me, the formula is nice :) 


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