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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Save The Nail 2: Trying The Tea Bag

Hey Sweeties!

Ok so remember when I broke my nail? At the time, I didn't have much around, so I temporarily saved it with tape. Temporarily, because it lasted for about half a day. Somewhere I heard about these patches (that I didn't have and couldn't find), and how you can mimic them with tea bags! So this is Part Two: Trying The Tea Bag.

I cut out a small rectangle from a teabag. I put a basecoat on my nail and while that was still wet, I placed the tea bag with tweezers on my nail. I pressed it with my finger. Then I added another layer of basecoat. 

I waited until it was fully hardened and then I filed off the excess pieces. Here you see my index finger still with the tape, while I'm working on my middle finger.

Afer that I applied 3 coats of my nail polish (Catrice "Vanilla Love"), here you see the difference between the tea bag and the tape:

Unfortunately, later that night, this happened:

So: I cleaned my nail:
It's baaaaad....

I took another piece of tea bag. This time I wanted to try and cover my entire nail, to see if that would be prettier:

Again: basecoat, tea bag, basecoat, let it dry and file:

I started with my nail polish, only to discover that it was really bumpy, the tea bag. 
So I decided to apply a ridge filler:

This is the result with 2 more coats of polish and a topcoat.

In the end, I can't decide between a local piece and a nail-covering piece. The nail covering piece may make things smoother, but it requires a lot of ridge filler and it is very tricky to polish neatly around the edges. The local piece leaves a little texture that isn't nice, but perhaps with ridge filler that would be solved. Anyway, this lasted for a whole day. Now mind you, this is my right hand. Had it been my left, I'm sure it would've lasted longer.

Stay tuned for part 3!!!



  1. this is a really interesting alternative, especially since that tear is so bad!

    1. Thanks! Yes but it didn't last forever unfortunately. I will soon write about my last attempt to save the nail. Stay tuned ;) ;)

  2. I use super glue. If I need to, I also glue on a bit of teabag or tissue paper.


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