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Friday, April 12, 2013

Friends on Friday - Fun with Friends

Hi dearies!

Sometimes I bring my nail polish to my friends and paint their nails. I especially like to do dotticures, because it's fast and fun! Also, it does not make a whole lot of mess, nor does it require too many tools, so I only need to bring minimal supplies ;)

Ok today I show you the first mani: 

I used 2 thin coats of W7 "Mosaic", and put 3 stripes with my white striper from Etos, and then placed dots with white long lastin nail polish from Etos. I then took another W7 polish, "Shirley Temple" and placed little shimmery dots in the white. So there you have it, a party mani ;) And blue, for it is Autism Awareness month, after all!

Thanks to my friend, who lend me her hands!

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