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Friday, May 6, 2016

Friends on Friday - PhD appropriate nails

Hello lovelies!

A friend of mine defended her PhD thesis a little while ago, and asked me to do her nails (YAY!). This was a tricky situation; a lot of fashionable stuff is frowned upon, so I couldn't go all out with the nails. However, it was a joyous occasion, so I did want to translate that into the manicure. In the end, I decided to do all nails a dark blue, similar to her dress, but with accent nails of a more festive nature. 

The blue is two coats of Essence "Date in the Moonlight" and on the accent nails there is Essie "Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low" stamped with "Date in the Moonlight" and BP-L029.

What do you think? I was so honoured to do her nails for this occasion; if you recognize the nails; I also did her wedding nails!

Oh and the defense went great and she's a Doctor now! 


  1. Looks great and still work (or thesis) appropriate

  2. These look perfect, especially for the occasion! Very nice!

  3. Perfection!!!!! I think you nail it:)

  4. This is so perfect! I love it!

  5. Beautiful nails for a wonderful occasion!!


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