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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

LynBDesigns "May The Fourth Be With You"

Hello lovelies!

Happy May The Fourth! A while ago (I do not remember exactly when), LynBDesigns included this beautiful treat in people's orders for a special occasion: "May The Fourth Be With You", a varnish dedicated to International Star Wars Day! So let's feast our eyes:

This beautiful glitter topper consists of little lilac hexes and beautiful minty shredded flakies and microglitter. I swatched 1 coat over W7 "Spearmint". It applied like a dream, the glitter density is just perfect!

What do you think? I personally strongly feel the need to try this topper over more base colours, it is splendid!

Oh and I have another Star Wars polish on the Professional Fangirl blog!

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  1. Yayyaaassss it is splendid indeed! I know that it was an extra, but can you buy this?

    1. Uhm... maybe you can put in a request in? Contact LynBDesigns? If she has supplies left, who knows?!

  2. I love beautiful toppers like this that aren't SO MUCH glitter, if that makes sense.

  3. The glitter seems to space so nicely with this one :)

  4. This is such a pretty topper, love it with the base you chose!

  5. I love this topper. She always makes such fun LEs.

  6. Love the glitter in this polish!


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