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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Yay-my-friend-got-married mani!

Hi lovelies!

Today one of my dear friends got married. Yesterday I did her nails; we spent all afternoon coming up with the perfect manicure to accompany her dress. I don't have pics yet, so you'll get to see those later. In the meantime, I did my nails in a similar fashion, to manicurally (I invented another word, whoohoo!) celebrate with her!

It turned out very subtle. I started with a base of China Glaze "In A Lily Bit", which is so super sheer, I hate it. After 4 coats, it still hadn't properly leveled out, so I put a pearly shimmer top coat from HEMA over it. Then I sealed it with SV, before matte stamping it. 

I stamped with M Polish "Snowberry" and BC-19. On my ring finger, I added some tiny rhinestones!

I'm super impressed by the M Polish "Snowberry", I highly recommend it to all stamping addicts!!

What do you think of this mani? 


  1. What a perfect wedding mani! It's fun and delicate all at the same time. Beautiful job, and congrats to your friend!

  2. this is lovely. Congrats to your friend!

  3. I love this mani! I'd totally wear such a mani for a baby shower, too!
    I have a wedding in a month and I am thinking about my nails for it, but I'm pretty convinced to go bold and holo instead.

  4. This is so delicate and gorgeous! I love the gems added on for a touch of bling without overdoing it

  5. I love this look, so elegant !

  6. Super nice! And I love ur description of how u did it and polishes u used :-)


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