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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Picture Polish "Big Bang"

Hi lovelies!

Got another beautiful polish for you today. This is Picture Polish "Big Bang", a PP collaboration polish with French blogger La NPA Mouton. It's basically a Hubble Picture in a bottle. Aw yisssssssss!!! When I saw it over at Cosmetic Sanctuary, I knew I had to have it.


Application is fantastic, like butter. It doesn't even require top coat, it dries completely smooth! I did however top it with SV, because I was going to wear it for a while. These pics were actually taken after a day of wear, at the end of my work day, when the sun had finally come out.

This is two coats of magic blurple jelly goodness full of holo flakies and multicoloured glass flecks. Despite it being such a cool-toned base colour, it feels warm with my skin tone, because of those beautiful flecks.

What do you think? Is this on your lemming list too?


  1. This has definitely been on my wish list for a while
    . It's quite a stunner isn't it?! I didn't know that it was blurple though I always thought that it was just navy blue. Now I really NEED it hehe!

  2. So gorgeous!! *dies* I love it. <3

  3. That's such an incredible shade! I love PP flakies in the holo base!

  4. Love this color, but now I just wanna sing the Big Bang theory theme after seeing the name

  5. This is such a beautiful polish - it's like galaxy nails in a bottle!


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