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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pretty in Paisley

Hi lovelies!

A while ago, I did a manicure loosely inspired by my new shirt. Although the shirt is a bright flamingo-coralish pink, it has beautiful teal/turquoise patterns, with flowers and paisley. So I decided to do take the turquoise and the paisley to the manicure!

My base is two coats of Celestial Cosmetics "Celebrate with NYX", their celebratory 2nd birthday polish. This is just stunning. It is so bright, with so much linear holo, yet the holo doesn't even dull the colours in the shade. Perfectly concocted!

I stamped over it with BC-01. It is not the best quality stamping plate, the etching on this image is so fine that the stampers have a hard time picking up the image. But nontheless, it did the trick well enough. With all that sparkle underneath the image, nobody will notice ;)

What do you think? I wore this for two days, lol, which is very long for me.


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