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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Anniversary Ms. Sparkle!

Hi lovelies!

Let's have a party with Ms. Sparkle, for her awesome brand celebrates it's two-year existence! Whoohoo! I've been there since the beginning stages, coincidentally, by winning her giveaway all that time ago. So I have two manis to celebrate, with this month's Star Sign polish - Taurus!

I did this mani with Qgirl-041 and I attempted some reverse stamping. My hand was a bit shakey, please forgive me... I also painted some flower studs with black and white and applied them with a drop of top coat. This mani is very cute from a little distance, when you can't see the imperfections ;)

I also really needed to pair this with silver, holo and bright bright blue. And studs. Yes. So I did!

I stamped with Delush Polish DP-02 plate "Dazed & Enthused" and M Polish "Frost". Then I taped off some triangles and painted with Madam Glam "Your Majesty". Last I applied some rectangular studs, and that was it! It was kinda dark outside, so my pics are not the best, I had to flash them, which in retrospect I shouldn't have, I should've just taken to my light box...

Now you should all go to Ms. Sparkle's shop and use "MSSPARKLE30OFF" for a 30% discount!

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