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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

M Polish "To Have and To Holo"

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I had some subtle stamping with M Polish "Snowberry"; today I use the same brand in some over the top stamping action! This is "To Have and To Holo"!

My nails had broken down again, so I was left with nubs. And nubs need love, lots and lots of love. And what better way to love than with holo?! I started with a base of Madam Glam "Your Majesty". This beautiful royal blue was making me cry... The royalty of the blue had sunken to the bottom and no matter how I shook, left it upside down and everything, it wouldn't mix properly. You can see it in the macro...

But "To Have and To Holo" fixed that right up! I used BC-08 stamping plate from Aliexpress. 

Isn't it THE BEST?! That's why  I need to show another macro...

M Polish is currently on maternity leave, but she will return soon! So stay tuned on her Instagram!

What do you think of this mani? Do you know of any other holo that stamps this well?


  1. That stamps really well for a holo (actually, I thought you stamped the blue when I first saw the post)
    I have a stamp that no amount of acetone is removing the holo from the nooks and crannies of the image etch from a failed holo stamping attempt so will have to pick this one up

    1. Yes, I really recommend picking this one up!It works wonderfully!
      So annoying that that polish refuses to be removed! Can you no longer use the image?

  2. Your nubs are longer than my long nails! Haha. I love this stamping, that blue itself is gorgeous, but add holo on top and you've got me to your command!

  3. Ahh it's so pretty and so HOLO!

  4. That is so lovely! Nice to see a holo that's opaque enough to stamp with. <3


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