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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glitter Skittle

Hey lovelies!

So after my Carnival mani, I was in the mood for glitter. And my sweet sister brought me my first magnetic polish! So I had to try it out immediately. It's a maroon polish from Pieces. I heard it can be tricky in the beginning, so I tried it on two fingers first. And OH YES it's tricky, alright! I got it to work on half a finger, hahahaha! You can see this in the picture. The rest of the nails I covered in Rimmel "Black Out" and I added various glitters, namely Essence "Circus Confetti" (with the large hexes) and "Copper'ize Me!" (the microglitter). 

Now I love this glitter bomb! Whoohoo! And every nail is different, can't stop looking at it!

Who else loves skittles?


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