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Monday, February 25, 2013

Golden Oldie: Monster Marble

Hello there!

Before we continue with our Goddesses, I'd like to share a golden oldie. I absolutely love green, and in this mani, I used various greens to try out a new marbling technique that I heard of.
I used Catrice 'King of Greens' and 'ACid/DC' on a base of Rimmel 'Black Out'. I first painted 2 coats of black out, let them dry and then added another coat and quickly some drops of the greens. Then I dragged out the polishes with a needle. One really wants to have new polishes for this, because it's best if they are very liquid, otherwise one will end up with big gloopy blobs, like I did. And that takes forever to dry! I added some glitter to add some sparkle, with Essence 'Circus Confetti'. This is the result:

Sorry for the bad photo quality, couldn't get good lighting.
Now even though it all came out blobby, I still liked it, it was like there were weird monsters on my nails :) It did take forever to dry, though.

Tomorrow I hope to have another goddess for you! 


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