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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Greek Goddess


Sorry for posting nothing yesterday! I did manage to do my nails and my friend's nails, and I will show you hers tomorrow. These are mine, hers are even more stunning!

I did a saran wrap mani with Essence "Love's Recipe" and "Blues of Being Cool". After that dried completely (the next day, in my case ;) ), I did a tape mani with some Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours gold (211357):

It adds an extra chiqueness, and the marble and gold reminded me of greece and temples and stuff. So there it was, a Greek Goddess mani!

My friend got marbled too... Stay tuned for here nails tomorrow! If you can't wait, there's a sneak peak on instagram (@manismakeovers).



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    1. Thank you! Yes I love them too, there are endless combinations! I will post a very different combi later today! :)


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