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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sassy Classy Latte

Hello lovelies!

An ├╝bershort post today, I have to study. I did a simple mani on my right hand. Yesterday, I painted my nails with a nude, it's very pretty! It is "Iced Latte" from Essence. I love how it's nude, but pink and special! But after one day, they had to be styled up! What I did on my left hand, I will show you tomorrow, but my right hand needed to be simple, of course. 

I painted the tips with my black striper from Etos, and then I took out my striper brush and added lines of Catrice "Oh My Goldness!" Added a sealing topcoat from Essence and done! 

This is the nude alone:

Until tomorrow, 

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