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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Skittle the Love

Hey  beauties!

I think this will be my last VDay mani for this year, since I'm kinda out of inspiration at the moment. I did a Valentine Skittle mani with lots of glitters on my own hands, since Kiss 'n Glitz had started chipping very soon.. Never an issue, as long as there is polish nearby! ;)

So there it is, Skittle the Love!

 The photos above were shot in artificial light, the picture below is taken in diffuse daylight.

From Thumb to pinky:
On the thumb, we have W7 "Cosmic Mauve", with kisses done with Rimmel "Black Out". 
Then we have W7 "Shirley Temple" with W7 magic beads, that I recently purchased. 
The middle finger is done with Essence "What do u think" that I got from a friend :) The glitters that form the heart are from the Essence's LE Vintage District nail decoration kit 02: "Designer for a Day".
(Have been waiting so long for it to finally come out! There are only tiny amounts of glitter and beads in there, but enough for a whole lot of manis, and since this stuff is somewhat hard to come by in here, I'm super grateful for this! It's not expensive either, as goes for all Essence's stuff <3 )
The ring finger is Rimmel "Diamond Dust" topped off with a fimo heart that I got from a nail art kit from Max & More called "Nail Paradise". I don't like half the things that are in there, but for this mani, the heart is ok. In that kit were also the rhinestones I used on my pinky, pressed down in a base of Bourjois "Rose Cupcake", and I doodled a heart with W7 Silver. 

That was fun! My nails sure are a happy bunch now :D 

Feedback is highly welcome, and if you do have inspiration for another VDay mani, and want me to try it, let us know!


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