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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indiana Weave Motif

Hey hey hey! 

Yesterday we had a carnival themed mani, this time we have a carnival mani that matches a costume! Lieutenant has decided to dress up as an old native american person. Now we love the colours, fabrics and overall beauty of the various indigenous peoples of the Americas. So coming up with a mani wasn't hard. Here it is, "Indiana Weave Motif":

The brown base is our franken polish "Pocahontas". The yellow, blue and red colours are from Essence, "Little Miss Sunrise", "The Boy Next Door" and "Gorgeous Bling-bling". We worked the design from inside out, starting with the red, and a little brush, freehanding the weave motif. The accent nails, the thumbs this time, have real feathers on them, which we glued down using nail glue, after the yellow base had dried. Then we added topcoat to seal everything in :) 

 The thumbnails.

 Look at how well it matches her costume! 

All there is left to say: Let's get this party started!

Lieutenant & Captain

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