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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guy Cuts (version 2)

Hello again!
And here we have victim #2, Mrrrrrr. Blue!!

Hair type: Low flexibility, slight wave but strong curls but dependant on length (which is tough!!), each strand of hair is relatively thick.
Face structure: Thin, triangular shaped face, small jaw, square forehead with slight widow's peak.

Hair was growing out of control, with curls forming here and there... one of the tougher hair types, as it changes form depending on the length you cut it to, making it nearly unpredictable!!
So we decided, lets go short!!

So we start at the top

Flip the rest of the hair out of the way to do the sides, and trim around the ears carefully....

Now touching up so that we can blend the top portion back into the sides....

Finally, the fringe to bring it all together!

And done!!!

Crazy hair? Doesn't matter, mission accomplished!!

Questions/comments/suggestions are more than welcome :)
And many thanks to our two victims, Mr. Green and Mr. Blue!!

Until next time,
xoxoxo Captain & Lieutenant 

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