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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sister Art Deco

Hello beauties!

Today I'd like to share a special mani I did a while back, on my mom and her sisters' nails. They were all "aahh nooo, nothing too flashy, I have to be able to go to work with them, I have no nail polish remover, I'm scared, ok I'll do it but YE BE WARNED!" Of course I never intended to make them look trashy in the first place, and I know very well that older women cannot walk around with flashy designs! So DUH! Hahaha! But I got them all to sit down one after the other and I painted their nails. SO MUCH FUN!
I wanted a warm but vibrant colour base. So that's where Essence "Gorgeous Bling Bling" comes in! (And OMG, gorgeous it sure is! This top pic was taken in direct sunlight, look at that bling!) 
I did a simple art deco-like design in gold (from Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours) with my striper brush from Essence, which makes the nails look stylish and special, without being bang!
This is the result:

They liked it :) Me happy!!


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